12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days – 12 Musical items

Started on December the 14th. As each day passes a new video will be added up to and including Christmas Day . So bookmark this page and come back after 7.00pm each day. Or if you prefer you can follow Ashton Stake Presidency on Facebook or Instagram to receive a new video direct to your news feed.

DAY 1 : The Edwards Family from Ashton.

DAY 2 : Sister Fletcher and Sister Cocker.

DAY 3 : Ross Macmeikan from Oldham.

DAY 4 : Cate Brumpton from Oldham.

Day 5 : A collaboration from 3 homes in Whitefield and Ashton.

Day 6 : The Bell Family form Ashton.

Day 7 : A collaboration from Germany and Springhead.

Day 8 : The Hughes’s from Whitefield.

Day 9 : Ruth and Jared Fletcher from Ashton

Day 10 : Debra and Melissa Caffery Oldham

Day 11 : Tobias Nolan Rochdale

Day 12 : Lindsay Preston Ashton

(All items have been recorded by church members in their homes due to covid restrictions)

Other things you can do in the 12 day countdown to Christmas.

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Find ways you can help to Light the World

Or watch the Christ child Video

Watch all the “12 Days” as a continuous playlist

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