Gospel Gym Equipment

I once had a brilliant business idea.

I realised I could meet a need by opening an online gym. Many people join a gym but never go. So I figured if mine was virtual, with no equipment or building overheads, I could undercut the competition.

What you get…

  • The sense of achievement and kudos that comes from having a gym subscription.
  • Lower costs than a traditional gym.
  • More free time.
  • Avoid the fight to find a parking space right near the door.
  • The relief of not having to stand next to a piece of equipment, with no idea what it does.
  • No need to sweat.

What I get

  • Your money

Surely we are all winners

Of course there is a fault with my plan… You get no improvement in physical health with a virtual gym! In order to get fitter, you have to rub shoulders with other sweaty people, who also want to get fitter. Considerable effort and resolve is required.

So it is with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In order to become spiritually stronger and healthier we need to actually do spiritual exercise. We exercise at home with study and prayer, but some of the best equipment is found through participating in the ward.

Things like caring, ministering, mourning serving, sharing progress and testimony, all build our spiritual strength.

We wouldn’t choose to boycott a gym that had unfit members trying to become fitter. Again this is like church, Don’t be put off going, because you recognise some are lacking spiritually, They too are attending to get a spiritual 6 pack, however far off they currently look.

Perhaps that brother you think is a hypocrite, just needs help working out how to use, the spiritual gym equipment ?

The spiritally fitter we all become, the more able we will be to, “Hasten the Work”

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