Sunbeams through curtains

Imagine for a moment it’s a bright spring morning. You awake in your darkened room to find the heavy curtains across the window are not quite closed. The gap between the two curtains allows a powerful beam of sunlight to dispel the darkness in a majestic line of light across the carpet.

You stand and walk to the door, you are never in total darkness, but the light is drawing you like a moth to a flame. As you walk through the beam of light you feel it’s warmth permeate you body, then unexpectedly you feel it’s loss as you pass to the shadow on the other side.

So it is with the Holy Ghost, before receiving His presence as a gift, we merely have brief experiences as we pass in and out of His influence.

We send missionaries into the world, not only to teach this principal, but to invite people to “try an experiment on the word” so they may position themselves in the sunbeam for a moment. As we share gospel truths, read scriptures with or invite a friend to church, we are moving them into the sunbeam, or rather allowing them to feel the Holy Ghost.

If you were to ask this invited friend, “Would you like to feel this warmth and light wherever you are in the room?” I’m sure many would say yes.

When we invite others to be baptised and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we are inviting them to figuratively throw those curtains wide…. To enable them to not only feel the warmth and comfort of His presence occasionally, but always.

Sometimes those who have received this most precious gift, choose through actions or neglect to close the curtains again, leaving themselves with little or no light. As we minister, it is our responsibility to invite and encourage these members to once again understand and desire to throw open the curtains. We can do this by tweaking the curtains of activity to  allow a single sunbeam of light to act as reminder of what could be theirs to keep.

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