The single most important part of a sacrament meeting, for everyone attending, is the personal act of collectively partaking of the sacrament.

However there is also much to be gained from the talks that are given.

Like many stakes, we are currently holding ward conferences. As we started this schedule , I found I was talking notes each time a Bishop and then the Stake President delivered talks. As well as helping me concentrate I have learnt a lot by re-reading my jotted thoughts.

This habit of note taking has now expanded to every sacrament meeting I attend. We surely can learn as much from an inspired primary child, as we can from a Bishop ?

I have reverted to pen and paper note taking. I would not want any member of the congregation to think a member of the Stake Presidency was sitting on the stand and blogging on his phone, when in reality I was taking notes! I write both the things people say and the impressions I receive.

Sacrament meetings are just 60 mins of 10,080 mins or 0.6% of our week. I am convinced each of us can find ways to get a little more from such an important time.

Now I do get that not everyone can sit un-distracted on the stand. Parents may think that the hour of sacrament is the longest of times.

Could a husband or wife take turns making quick notes while the other looks after children?

Could an older child be asked to write even just single words that stand out?

Could a single adult make notes and share with a family that is struggling to listen.

Some or all of these, could then be used to create discussion in the home later that day.

I’m honest enough to say I don’t have all the answers to every individuals sacrament challenges. But I’m also hopeful enough that the Lord provides a way for us to get more from something so important.

I would love to hear what you and your family do to improve your sacrament experience. Please leave your positive experiences in the comments below

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  1. Elder Boyd K Packer counseled us many years ago to be at Sacrament Hall at least 7minutes before the meeting starts and not allow ourselves to be distracted, but to contemplate on the Saviour and his works.


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