I married the girl of my dreams… TWICE

This year we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.. and I think part of the reason for our success, is that we got married TWICE.. Yes you read that correctly we had two wedding ceremonies.

On Saturday the 23rd of May 1992, Joanne and I married in a civil ceremony at our local LDS chapel in Oldham. It was a regular wedding, we had a best man, bridesmaids a walk up the isle and a reception in the church hall. It was a wonderful day, with all our family and friends around us.

However as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a problem with a regular church wedding, even our own. Every civil wedding service I have ever attended, included the phrase “For the period of this mortal life” or “Til death do us part” Think about that for a minute… 

Til death do us part !

We were and are, madly and passionately in love, we didn’t want a built in cancellation to our commitment! We believe in a life after death, but as the song by Queen asks “Who wants to live forever, if love must die”

Fortunately death, however far away it may seem, does not have to be an end. There is a place you and I can go to be sealed for “Time and all Eternity”  Love does not have to die, we can be families forever…..

…. That place is a Temple.

After our civil Wedding on the Saturday we went home to the house we had bought in Ashton-under-Lyne. Then on the Sunday we drove to London, stayed over night and took a flight to Germany.

On the 26th of May 1992 we entered the Frankfurt Temple and in a room not dissimilar to the one below we knelt facing each other at an alter and were married a second time, by someone holding the authority to seal us together for Eternity.

It was a complete contrast to our civil wedding, we traveled to Germany without our family, there were no bridesmaids or receptions, just us, a couple of witnesses and our beliefs.

The following short video, with comments from living apostles explains more, and shows the sealing rooms better than a photograph can.. Please take a couple of minutes to enjoy it.

Of course being sealed doesn’t mean you don’t face problems. You still have to work at a relationship, you still have trials. However I think having a LONG term ETERNAL plan helps you realise what matters most. It gives you a different perspective and perhaps a greater desire to make it work. Do I love Joanne as much as I did then, no.. I love her much more.

(Under UK law, a civil ceremony has to be performed prior to a temple ceremony. Church policy is that the newly wedded couple then has to attend the temple as soon as is reasonably practical or wait 12months)

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