April Conference Review

April 2019 General conference has now come to a close and the work has just begun. I don’t mean cleaning the conference center, although I am sure there is an army of people doing just that !! I mean the task of applying the lessons learnt, both as individuals and in our varying church assignments.

As a member of a Stake Presidency, I know we will be reading, re-reading and discussing what we can take and teach from the conference talks. Elders Quorum and Relief Society Presidencies will be thinking of which talks they will discuss in lessons, in coming months. But most importantly, members should be evaluating there own lives and seeing how they can change to be more as the Lord wants them to be.

It is very evident to me, that the excitement of changes to the church and its policies prevailed at the last couple of conferences. However my “takeaway” from this conference is the need for changes to individuals and not organisations.

In the General Priesthood Session, President Nelson spoke of being “drawn to the Lords instruction given through the prophet Joseph Smith to say nothing but Repentance to this generation”, even taking the time to explain the Greek behind repentance is “Metanoia” or a change of heart, a spiritual conversion. In his Sunday Morning Session remarks, President Nelson was very direct using the phrase “Time is running out”

I do hope that as a church membership, we can go forward for the next 6 months with as much excitement and desire to change ourselves, as we had for the changes to the church at our last General Conference.

During the weekend I put together several memes from Conference Quotes, I’m still curious if I can read anything into the number of times each was shared on Facebook by others? I have included the number of shares as of Monday 08/04/19 on the bottom of each picture… It would seem Elder Hollands remarks were very popular!

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