3 Steps to Hastening the Work

You may or may not be aware that every Area Presidency has a plan to grow the church. I am sure that across the globe these plans have many things in common, even if the focus is slightly different, to best suit the area.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in the Europe Area, we are blessed to have a simple, direct and easy to understand plan, shared by the Europe Area Presidency.

Broken down into 3 areas of focus, the Europe Area Plan if followed, will lead ourselves and others to Jesus Christ.

Follow the Prophet, seems like a goal that doesn’t need to be set! But in reality we can all do better at listening to and following the prophet. How many times have you read and studied what President Nelson recently taught us at General Conference? If a friend was curious about the idea of living prophets, could you confidently explain what was the most recent message he shared?

President Nelson taught Holders of the Priesthood:“Make your focus on daily repentance so integral to your life that you can exercise the priesthood with greater power than ever before. “

In the General Session of conference: “Jesus Christ invites us to take the covenant path back home to our Heavenly Parents and be with those we love.”

What great messages to follow! All of April 2019 General conference talks are now available to read or watch online HERE,or via the Gospel Library App. It has never been easier to hear the words of a prophet.

Invite a friend to Sacrament Meeting. Not many people will forget Elder Hollands talk “Behold the Lamb of God” from this April in a hurry.

“Our modified Sunday service is to emphasize the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper as the sacred, acknowledged focal point of our weekly worship experience.”

As much as improving our sacrament meetings will benefit the active membership of the church, it is also to raise this worship service as an ensign to our returning friends and those who know not of our faith. As President McReynolds of the England Manchester Mission explained. “No one ever joins the church without first attending a sacrament meeting”, so lets start by inviting them there in the first place.

No matter how good our social activities are, we will not compete with those in the world, but the spirituality of a good sacrament meeting has no equal. I have spoken to quite a few new members recently and a common theme is that they are drawn by the gospel of Jesus Christ, the simple message the missionaries teach and the new found awakening of spirituality. There is a place for good wholesome activities at church, but the elect are ready and willing to accept an invite to worship with us.

Can we ever be happy in eternity if we discover our ancestors are not their? Elder Cook in his April talk suggested, the motivation for both inviting friends to church and seeking out our kindred dead should be love.

“Love is also at the center of our temple and family history effort to gather Israel on the other side of the veil. When we learn of the trials and hardships our ancestors faced, our love and appreciation for them is magnified. Our temple and family history effort has been strengthened to a significant degree by the new adjustments in both the Sunday meeting schedule and the youth advancement in classes and quorums. These changes provide for earlier and more powerful attention to learning about our ancestors and gathering Israel on the other side of the veil.”

If you have never tried seeking ancestors before, their is help available in your ward, speak to your Elders Quorum or Relief Society President. A great place to start would be filling in a “My Family Booklet

3 Areas of focus, one goal

If you are reading this from outside Europe, I’m sure you have an Area Plan that is just as relevant to your circumstance. But I also believe these 3 simple areas of focus will help bring all of us and those we know, to Him.

The area plan is simple enough to reduce down to a simple card to be carried by members. The areas of focus on one side, space for personal goals in each area, on the other.

There is even a video to explain !

Note that as a Stake our mission plan is based entirely on the Europe Area plan. The keys held in the stake are aligned when we find HOW to implement WHAT the area Presidency have received as revelation. Ashton England Stake Mission Plan is HERE

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