3 words to help you study

There are lots of ways to study and the only right way, is the one that works for you.

Some people prefer to read scriptures from start to finish and then repeat. Others find the true chronology and read in that order. There are also those that study by topic or theme.

Which ever way works for you, here is a tip I learnt as a voluntary Seminary and Institute teacher.

However you schedule your reading, remember to consider…

Content, Context and Application.

Let me give you a simple example with the shortest verse in the Book of Mormon.

“And my father dwelt in a tent”

1 Nephi 2:15

It’s easy to read this verse with very little thought and miss it’s significance. The truth is you could spend a long time learning from even the shortest of scripture if you always ponder…

Content, Context and Application.

So let’s think about this verse, with these 3 words in mind.


What words, description and information are in the verse?

  • Lehi is living in a tent.
  • Nephi thinks this is significant enough to mention.
  • There is a comparison to Abraham in the footnotes, another mighty man who achieves a lot living in a tent, in a valley!


What circumstances were involved to make the situation what it was?

  • Lehi is/was a man of importance and great wealth.
  • Lehi was prepared enough to own or have access to a tent and provisions at short notice! (Self Reliance)
  • The family had left large amounts of treasure and wealth behind as they fled Jerusalem.
  • Some of the family were not happy with their new found accommodation, which suggests no matter how good the tent was, it was a step down for them.
  • In the verses before, Laman & Lemuel had been complaining and Lehi had to tell then off, stating he wished the pair were more like the valley they were camping in and speaking with great power. (enough to make them quake)
  • In the verses after, Nephi is drawn to find his own Testimony.


What can we learn from this verse or more importantly what can we apply in our OWN lives?

  • When we receive a prompting act quickly, just like Lehi left Jerusalem.
  • Social status or where we live, has no bearing on our ability or priesthood power.
  • Sometimes we have to turn our back on the world.
  • Some people around us will find negativity in our trials (Laman & Lemuel) Others will be inspired to progress (Nephi)
  • We and our family receive spiritual blessings and testimony through trials.
  • Figuratively living in a tent seems to be a turning point for the family, some complain others grow.
  • No matter how important we think we are, we can expect changes in circumstance.
  • We can do hard things.


Now I’m sure the points I’ve bulleted are not an exhaustive list, you probably already know or could find more. The purpose of the exercise is to recognise that even seemingly simple scripture passages, can teach us great lessons.

So if you haven’t before give it a go, pick a verse or block of scripture and think about …

Content, Context and Application.

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