Goals are Good

2020 has brought a new way of thinking for our youth. Duty to God and Personal progress have been retired and replaced with a single Children and Youth initiative.

Personally I think this is an inspired move, that can benefit adults as well as younger members. Lets be fair we can all do something a little better or learn a new skill.

Perhaps we can change the title from “Following the Saviour in all AREAS of your life” to read all YEARS of your life ?

Would our wards and stakes be better places, if every adult followed the youths example and set 4 goals in each of the key areas of Spiritual, Social, Physical and Intellectual. More to the point would we be more rounded and improved individuals? Of course we would.

So I’ve set my first 4 goals and have been sharing them as I speak with people around the Stake.


Read and keep up to date with my Come, Follow me studies.


Be a better friend and seek out new friends


Take part in a 1 Day. 26 mile. 3 Mountain trek, sponsored to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Please help me out and learn more by visiting my other blog HERE


Learn to play a musical instrument, namely a guitar

Why Share ?

Some of these seem easy, but are not, some will take longer than others, and some may become life long habits and forms of enjoyment. I’ve shared them, because its much easier to keep going when people ask “How is your goal to… getting on?” accountability is a great motivator to persevere 🙂

What will you choose ?

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