Presidency Message (Week 4)

We have decided as a Stake Presidency, that whilst church meetings are suspended, we will share a spiritual thought to our members each Saturday. I thought it would be good to put them here too, for future reference and for others outside of the stake to ponder if they wish. Week 4 of suspended church meetings is by myself President Harrott, Stake President. Invite to watch General Conference.

At the feet of Prophets and Apostles.

Lessons that Prophets have told us. Flood the earth with the Book of Mormon, study your scriptures, pray, pay tithes and offerings, have a food storage for times of need, be self sufficient, many Temples have been built, dedicated and blessings have been had and will be again.

Today, our Prophet, President Nelson carries on with the previous great work and revelation given to us but also has taught us many things that our Father in Heaven would have us know.

As a youth when asked, “where is a sacred place you should strive to be at?” I would answer, “Church,”the Temple”. All correct but as we have been taught and as we see today. A sacred place we should strive to be at where we will be kept safe from the firery darts of adversary is in the walls of our own homes..

Our Prophets and Apostles have taught us that the gospel is to be HOME centred and church supported. What a blessing that council is to all, whether a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints or not. I Invite you all to listen to and sit at the feet of a living Prophet of God.
Ezek 33 : 7
Amos 3 : 7
D&C 1:38

This weekend watch General conference and share your favourite talks with your family. Stay safe. Take care. See you soon.

Love you all.

President Harrott

All the presidency messages can be viewed HERE

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