Presidency Message (Week 6)

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Our beloved prophet has spoke very recently about the Second Coming of the Saviour.

It has made me reflect more deeply and ask myself the question “ am I ready ?”

With COVID 19 we have all had more time to reflect which to me is a great blessing.

Do I have enough for my physical needs in the event of a similar disruption to normality ? (Temporal self reliance)

Do I have enough oil in my lamp ? (Spiritual self reliance)

Do I heed the counsel of of Church leaders ? (Follow the Prophet)

If we are sufficient in these areas then we are prepared for the Second Coming if the Messiah.

The big question is are we prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to be ready.

We all have unique challenges and circumstances but President Nelson has continually reminded us that if we don’t know how to receive personal revelation it will not be possible for us to survive.

The good news is we are not alone.

What the Saviour said to his Apostles during his earthly ministry applies to all.

“ I will not leave you comfortless “

The Saviour stands with open arms to receive us and help us.

He is never far away rather it is us that remove ourselves from him.

He loves us unconditionally and yearns for us to reach out to him.

How blessed we are to have this knowledge!

May we take this time to reflect and remember what matters most.

Much love

President Hughes

All the presidency messages can be viewed HERE

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