We’ll meet again

(Presidency Message week 9)

This weekend marks VE day, 75 years since the end of WW2.
Many of us do not remember first hand. We have history to look back on, stories from family members who gave everything for our freedom and no doubt some stories untold, as the grief and pain of remembering is all to great.
VE day must have been a great time to rejoice, a time to celebrate, where some worries were gone but others remained. Where celebration and relief were replaced by a different worry. The worry of what will happen next, how to rebuild cities, towns and broken lives.
Our Grandparents and Parents knew what it meant to sacrifice. I think for some it meant to give up everything but they never forgot God and his grace and goodness, even in a trial or a war I cannot imagine.
There questions…. there difficult questions must of been hard to ask and their prayers must of been a mix of thank you and tears of joy and even asking why?
Even harder to listen to answers that maybe some didn’t want to hear. But they asked the questions and lived their lives according to the answers they received.
They taught us to believe In God, to go to church, go to Sunday School, be a good neighbour, they taught us to work hard, be thankful for what you have, make do and mend. They taught us to pray, to be forgiving and so so much more.

What about your worries now, your troubles, grief and trials. Your celebrations and your happiness. How do you recognize and receive answers to your questions, thoughts and prayers?
Ask yourself… do I view my scripture study as a checkpoint. A chore, something we have to do?.
Or do we view our study of the scriptures as a connection between us and heaven?
Is our life in church about meeting people or about strengthening our faith in God?
What concerns, trials, answers do you need?

Lets not follow the step of, ‘If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of Google.’
If we pause and take our concerns and our problems and our worries into our scripture study, we will find the answers.

Look for the voice of God speaking to you NOW in the very moment you need it.
Pause and reflect upon the struggles, the trials you have and pray that you will find the answers as you READ, PONDER AND PRAY and He will answer you.
For me, especially this weekend I will remember a Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ, why? Because they live and love us all, regardless of the pain and suffering we each go through.Isaiah 53 : 3-7. Our Father in heaven and His son know about grief and sorrow. They know you. I will remember them because that’s what I was taught by Grandparents who gave me there all and regardless of their pain and suffering they knew God was just, kind and all loving. They knew the principle of, ‘If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God.’

To all those we celebrate on both sides of the veil, until we meet again…..


In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
President Harrott

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