(Stake Presidents Message week 13)

Can you remember a time when you knew God lives? Can you remember a time when you questioned if there is a God? Can you remember a time when you were alone? Can you remember a time when you knew God was right there with you? Can you remember a time when you knew Jesus Christ was there for you?Do you know how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you?

The word Remember can mean not just to think about something but to actually do something…When you remember the time the spirit whispered to you, did you do something about it? Have you spiritually been born of God? Have you had a mighty change?

Its so important that we remember certain times in our lives. Even some of the hard times we go through. Maybe its then that we remember the feelings of knowing Heavenly Father loves us? We have to remember what it was that changed us and what we felt.Where were you when you knew Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ knew you? What was it?

The Saviour Jesus Christ remembers you. He remembers and knows that we will sometimes take things for granted, sometimes we will make mistakes and he even knows that sometimes we will choose not to remember those times when He was closest to us. But He still remembers you…. He will never forget you or abandon you.He waits at your door always… we just need to remember and when we do, we need to open the door and let Him in.Heavenly Father will not force us to believe His plan, or take our free agency away but will remember you and will always be there.Jesus Christs Atonement was made because He knows you, He remembers and loves you.

For several weeks now we have been in lockdown, some have been in Isolation and had nobody visit them.I would hope that nobody feels they are in Isolation from Jesus Christ.
I can remember when my Mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour and how I felt..I remember being on my own on a hillside near my home and shouting to the skies.. Why?I was angry and I was upset. I knew my Father in Heaven was there listening to my pleadings.I remember being taught that Heavenly Father loves us all and he has a plan for me to be with Mum again..His plan makes it possible for us to be together with our loved ones forever. Sometimes I cannot even explain how I know what I know to be true… I just do..

I can remember fantastic days, where my Son returned home from his mission, I can remember my Daughters wedding, My Sons wedding. Wonderful days that as a family we will remember for etenity. I remember the whisperings of the spirit that I have had.Some of those times have been so special to me that I need to always remember them.I have many blessings in my life and I can also remember why we have opposition!!!But I always know that My Saviour remembers me.

In His hour of need in the garden of Gethsemane He remembered me and He remembered you.Heavenly Father knew I would have days when I felt like shouting and asking why? I hope I can always remember that he is always there and I need to let him in.

Lets remember to unlock the door and let Him in and there will be no social distancing because hugs and tears will flow.Please spend time often, to remember Him and the blessings you have and how the Spirit has whispered to you many times.As you sit and ponder on the things that are important to you, you will receive a sweet remembrance of the Spirit and know yet again that He Loves you.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.President Harrott.

President Harrott. Stake President

All the presidency messages can be viewed HERE

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