(Week 17 Stake Presidency message)

This week has been good, strange and emotional in the Harrott household, as we said goodbye to our Son who left to serve his mission in France.

My thoughts now are, will he be ok? Will he eat properly? Will he put a black sock in with his white washing and turn all his white shirts grey? Will he be able to understand and know what people are saying? Will he gain comfort from his testimony and knowledge of the scriptures he has built up over the years? Did we do enough as parents to prepare him for this next 2 years?

As I think on these questions I am confident that he will be ok.. and grey shirts don’t look that bad, do they!!!

As I think of this pandemic we are living with. We have been asked many times by our Prophet and Apostles to be ‘home centred, church supported’. Heavenly Father knows the preparation we need. How well have we prepared for the trials and problems that we will face?

We all need to be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared. As Parents, Aimee and I have seen the preparation that Elder Harrott has done over many years and so I don’t have to worry too much.

As members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we are so blessed to be led by Prophets and Apostles. We have prayer, fasting, scripture to answer our prayers and give us peace. We have conference addresses to watch or read, Come Follow Me, Ministering Brothers and Sisters. We have Patriarchal blessings, Temple recommends, family history and so much more..

Did Heavenly Father know these days would come? Of course he did, but we have loving Heavenly Parents, who gave us everything we need to prepare and be prepared.

We have 12 Sisters and Elders serving from our Stake. Having interviewed them all, I know they are all well prepared. I also know how much their parents miss them and how they will sometimes worry, maybe spend longer on their knees in prayer. I think this is all ok!!
I want to say how grateful I am for those Sisters and Elders and their parents. Thank you. We certainly love you.

The Prophet, Apostles, Area Presidency, Area Seventy and your local leaders have been working hard to help us all receive the ordinance of the sacrament and return to church from the 4th July!!! But when you see Guidelines, as a church we have to be prepared and put so many risk assessments in place to keep everyone safe to return to church. There are even possible prison sentences, if we do not adhere to the safely returning guidelines! We take a step back and
properly think things through. We slow down and prepare, prepare, prepare….

As a Stake we hope by the 12th July that we can administer the Sacrament to those wonderful members of our Stake, who have not been able to partake of this Ordinance for so many

To all of you, can I say that Heavenly Father loves you. He knows your heart. Thank you for your continued patience.
Our desire is still, for now, to stay away from church but we would like to bring the Sacrament to you.

Our fantastic Bishops have this responsibility and its not easy. Please be patient, kind and loving with these wonderful men and their families. They will prepare every needful thing to help us through this next phase of returning to church.

Please do not feel pressured in any way. If this is too soon and you are still self Isolating and you would rather nobody visit your home, thats ok … we will wait until you are ready. If you as a holder of the Priesthood are asked by your Bishop to help administer the Sacrament but do not feel ready to do so, then please know, this is also ok.

These steps to returning to church will be with the best preparation we can possibly do. Lets all be patient and do all we can to support each other.

Keep preparing yourselves. Wards have given Devotionals. As a Stake Presidency we have given a message every week since the start of lock-down on our Facebook pages, to try to give support.

The important thing is that you are prepared and continue to be prepared.

One by one, in a totally individual way, you can come closer to the Saviour, by prayer, fasting, scripture study, holding a Temple recommend, Temple and family history work and listening to church leaders. All of this will keep you prepared. And if sometimes you mix in a black sock with
your white washing, its ok, we can sort it out!!

3 Nephi 17:3. As you continue to prepare and do those things that matter most. The spirit will continue to be with you and you will continue to know peace.

Sisters and Brothers, we miss being with you, we think of you often, we love you. Keep being prepared. Our Heavenly Father and His Son Love you.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

President Harrott

All the presidency messages can be viewed HERE

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