One of my favourite definitions of the word integrity is “Doing the right things even when no one is watching”

I had a very interesting conversation with my youngest brother (Bishop Hughes) the other day. Although he is younger than me he is wise beyond his years. He is the Nephi of our family.

We were discussing how being away from Church for so long has made us realise that attending Church for attendings sake will never sanctifying us!

Bishop Hughes then said something that really struck me. He said “some members think they can be saved by justification rather than sanctification”

What does that mean ?

I think we can all fall into the trap of thinking that being “busy” at Church is justification of our Testimony of the Saviour and will lead to our salvation.

Don’t get me wrong. Church service is important but no amount of it will save us.

Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Integrity will do though.

Are we kind when no one is watching?
Do we read our scriptures when no one is watching?
Do we pray when no one is watching ?
Are we Charitable when no one is watching ?
Do we keep the Sabbath day holy when no one is watching?

Brothers and Sisters let us live the Gospel with integrity and see the blessings that will come into our lives.

I testify that the Lord loves us more than we can comprehend. As we live the Gospel we will be sanctified.

There is no greater peace than being right with the Lord.

Much love

President Hughes

All the presidency messages can be viewed HERE

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