Mission Life

In many ways a mission is a mini life, within a life.

Missionaries arrive in their assigned areas from “another place” They are paired with an experienced companion, who is often lovingly termed as their mission Dad or Mum. The young missionary learns and grows in confidence and experience, then is moved to a new area. Over the term of their mission, they may go on to train / be a parent to other missionaries, thus creating a “legacy” writing themselves into mission history.

Along their journey of mission life, they become attached to areas and people, experience the lowest depths and greatest highs. They  become spiritually self sufficient and beacons to those around them.

Just like life, missions too come to an end. A time to move on to another, much longer phase of “life after mission.” Hopefully to an eternal not 1 or 2 transfer companion!!

This passing can be a time of sadness for the many people, the missionary has touched during their service and for the missionary too. After all, they have new people and new lands forever in their hearts, it can be hard to go.

But like death, the end of a mission is just a change of state. As those in the mission area watch the missionary leave and disappear over the horizon, there is family waiting to excitedly great and welcome them home on the other side.

This week over a dozen missionaries from the England Manchester Mission will be going home, to be reunited with family. Three of these valiant servants are leaving from the Ashton England Stake. We thank them for their service and wish them Godspeed.

To mark the occasion we have created a short fireside featuring testimonies from the three leaving and also two Young Adults, who have experienced missionary life and returned home to us.

In the post General Conference lull, we hope this video presentation will be a spiritual feast for you. Perhaps you may choose to use it as part of your Family Home Evening.

The EMM is full of good missionaries, we are always grateful that President Johnson seems to send us the best!

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