Fireside Videos and text files

On Sunday the 26th of April 2020, as a stake we held a “virtual” or online fireside. Members from around the stake were assigned to share a brief testimony on the subject of Joy in Service. As a Stake Presidency we are very mindful that we have members who do not have access to the internet. To allow these members to have some benefit from the event, we would encourage you to click on one of the download buttons below and physically print a testimony to share with member or friend who would otherwise miss out.

Entire Broadcast

Individual Testimonies

All testimonies can be watched or printed individually below…

Musical Items


  1. To the Ashton Stake, I am from Salt Lake City, I watched your whole fireside tonight. What a great blessing. Thank you so much, we love you. I am going to ask the youth of our Stake to watch this. So inspiring.
    Your the best.


  2. Absolutely brilliant, loved all the talks, testimonies and musical items. Thank you all so much, it’s so good to be able to worship online and to share testimonies, thank you


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