Stake Presidency Messages

Ashton Stake Presidency

During the suspension of church meetings, the Ashton Stake Presidency are publishing weekly messages. They are collated here.


Week 1. President Harrott
In Clear Sight

Week 2. President Hughes.
Draw close to the Lord

Week 3. President Teal.
Come, Follow Me

Week 4. President Harrott.
Invite to watch Conference

Week 5. President Harrott.
Pray that ye enter not into temptation

Week 6. President Hughes.
Are you ready?

Week 7. President Teal.
Virtual vs Real
Week 8. Sister Joanne Teal .
Stake Relief Society President

Week 9. President Harrott.
We’ll meet again

Week 10. President Hughes.
Drop by Drop

Week 11. President Teal

Week 12. Sister Teal (Stake RS)
I am a daughter of God

Week 13 President Harrott Remember

Please note, these posts have all been written by members of the Stake Presidency,

or Stake Relief Society Presidency as part of their call to minister to members of the Ashton England Stake.